Take Action

Now you need to decide which career path is best for you and create an action plan.

Choose a Career Path

Consider what you learned in your self-assessments. Review the career options you have researched and make decisions by matching what you know about yourself to what the options have to offer.

  • List those occupational options of the greatest interest and best match to you.
  • Narrow down the list down to three to five most desirable career options.
  • Gather detailed information about each choice. Identify factors important to you such as employment outlook, education, salary, working conditions, etc.
  • Weigh the pros/cons and risks for each choice.
  • Decide which career option is best for you.

Create an Action Plan

Now that you have a career option selected, you can begin creating an action plan to act as a roadmap for your journey. You can complete worksheet three of the My Career Plan Worksheet to help you chart your course.

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Additional Reading

Government Career and Employment Web Sites

For provincial or territorial career and employment information, please visit the province or territory of your choice: