Study Skills

Counsellors help you adjust to postsecondary distance education, develop study skills, and master exam anxiety. We are here to help you balance your studies, family, and employment obligations.

How do I...

...assess my learning style?

Knowing your individual learning style can help you find a way to study that works best for you.

...improve my study skills?

Improve Your Study Skills: A Series of Seven Modules for Adult Students by Virginia Nilsson, Ph.D.

...improve my academic and research skills?

AU offers a three-credit undergraduate course to help you develop or improve academic and research skills.

...manage my time better?

Learn how to create a time budget so you are never "out of time" again. with my children around?

Learn how to balance your academic and family obligations.

...overcome procrastination?

Don't put off reading this article until tomorrow.

...write a term paper?

Learn the simple steps to writing a successful term paper.

...effectively mark or underline my text?

Tips to make textbook review easy.

...get the most out of my textbook?

Learn how to retain what you have read.

...master exam anxiety?

If the thought of an exam gives you a bad case of butterflies, this section is for you.

...write multiple choice exams?

How to write multiple choice exams.

...create a semester study schedule?

How to create a semester study schedule.