Study Tips From Our Students

The following creative tip was provided by AU student Sadaf Shaikh, and we include it here with permission.

"I have a good tip for working, school-going parents with toddlers. My 17-month old son takes a long time to fall asleep at night and he usually falls asleep as I'm reading him his 5th story book (yes, it's takes 5 to put him to sleep)! When I started doing my history courses at Athabasca (my first time back to school after the baby), I realised there was a LOT of reading to do and very little time so I devised an improved way of trying to accomplish everything. On my way home from work on the train, I make notes on little stickies on what points I'm supposed to be looking for when reading the text book.  Then, at bedtime, I settle my son in his crib, I pull out my text book and read aloud for both of us. It's been working for me and he gets the benefit  of a new "story" each night. Then when he falls asleep, I stop reading aloud and continue with my regular studying process. This adds about 30-45 mins to my studying time each night and, in a way, it forces me to do my reading.

Just thought I would share my tip. Of course, as my son starts getting  older and actually understands what the heck I'm saying, he might demand  more exciting material but until them I'm enjoying this new study schedule.

Thank you for your time. Sadaf"