Mapping Your Future

by Julia Nielsen

Self info - The first step in enhancing, choosing, or changing an occupation is to know yourself.

Interests, skills, and values tend to be closely related. Generally, we choose activities we value and are interested in, and as we do them more frequently we develop our skills in them.

(This is not always so, however: in a northern land there was a person who loved singing; regrettably, when she sang only the words were related to the music. No one would tell her though, and she was one of the most enthusiastic members of the choir).

In the next three exercises you will explore your own interests, skills, and values. In completing these exercises consider your life as a whole, both your personal and employment life.

The three exercises are six questions each and will take you only a few minutes to complete.

Remember: these are assessments, not tests: all answers are equally correct.