What You Need to Know

Enrolling in university is a major decision. Research should be your first step before filling out an application. It will be easier to determine which AU program meets your needs if you are aware of the educational requirements for your chosen career path. See Education and Career Planning to help you create your own career plan.

If you have never completed distance or online studies, consider how you will use AU distance learning to accomplish your goals. AU offers great flexibility, but it is good to assess your study habits and learning style to make the most of your study time.

Your research and career plan should also include an assessment of your goals, level of commitment, family support, and your academic preparedness. Next, you will need to consider how will you pay for your education. The last step is the easiest - become an AU student!

How Do I

Assess if I am ready for AU?

Complete this self-assessment to help you determine if AU distance studies is the right choice for your education goals.

Know how long it will take to complete an AU course?

Find out how your individual work habits will affect the amount of time required to complete an AU course.

Know if I am ready for studies in...

Evaluate your skills in English, Math, Chemistry, Computing Science, and Microsoft Access.

Finance My Education?

Learn about the various options you have for funding your AU education.

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