Education and Career Planning

Are you on the right career path? Are you thinking about either starting your first career or changing directions? A career plan, like a roadmap, will help guide you on your journey to self-discovery. Check out the resources on this site plus use the "My Career Plan" worksheets to help you get started with planning your career.

AU students also have access to the Career Cruising resource. Career Cruising provides assessment tools, goals and career exploration activities, as well as a résumé builder. Career Cruising can be accessed through the MyAU Portal.

How do I...

...plan my career?

All you need to do is ACT, The career planning process has three major steps:

  1. Assess Yourself - Discover who you are through self-assessment.
  2. Career Explorations - Research various career and educational options.
  3. Take Action - Choose the best option and create action plan.

...become a(n)...

...find out what career options there are for my degree?

Check the career options under Learning Outcomes for the AU program you are interested in pursuing.

...find jobs?