10 Steps to Consider

  1. I have a clear vision of how education will help me reach my career goal? If you are unsure, visit the My Career & Education Plan.
  2. I know that AU distance learning is the right fit for me? If you are unsure, Learn how Distance education works here. Students who achieve success with distance learning have strong time management skills, are persistent, and determined. Assess your personal study skills.
  3. I have at least 12 hours per week (two hours a day for six days a week) available to study for each course I register in? If you plan to take more than one course, you will need to multiply your weekly study time by the number of courses you register in. If you plan to register in more than one course, assess your available time here.
  4. If English is your second language, you must demonstrate English language proficiency upon enrolment to the university. To improve your English language proficiency, you may find the English language proficiency program helpful.
  5. I am ready for university level courses? If you are new to university-level studies, consider preparation courses.
  6. I have selected a course or program of study? If you need support selecting an educational program visit: “Ready to Select an Education Program?”.
  7. I have previous college or university credits that may be transferable to Athabasca University? If so, visit: Transfer Credit Services AND Calendar Evaluations If you are a new student and wish to apply to an AU program, you can request a transfer credit evaluation during the process of completing the undergraduate application.
  8. I am ready to pay for my education? consider completing the “Ready to Pay for Education” questionnaire.
  9. I have completed the new student orientation? Learn more here!
  10. Ready to Be Successful?” Also, I know how to prepare a study schedule? Learn more here!
  11. I have remaining questions I need answered before I make my decision? Schedule a counselling appointment with an AU Counsellor or contact the AU Information Center