Full-Time Studies Readiness Assessment

Athabasca University wants your experience with online learning to be successful. As you begin your online learning journey, it is important to assess if AU is the right fit for you and if now is the right time in your busy life to engage with online learning. You are more likely to be successful with online learning if:

  • You can see a direct link between your course(s) and your larger career and educational goal;
  • You have some previous experience with online learning; and
  • You have strong time management skills and you are able to regularly set time aside to focus on your studies.

Complete the following questions to assess your readiness to begin fulltime studies:

Study Time

Activity Hours
Total Hours/Week
Less Hours for Personal Care
(Sleep, Eat, etc. 10 Hours/Day)
Less Hours for Work
Less Hours for Family/Child-Care Responsibilities
Less 15 Hours of Study Time Per Course Per Week
(e.g. If you plan to enroll in 3 courses 15 x 3 = 45 Hours)
(for unexpected/unforeseen life events that require attention.)

I have a Clear Career Goal (e.g. identified occupation)

I have previous experience with online learning

I have a minimum of 10 hours remaining per week (see calculation above)

If you answered yes to two or more of the questions above, please proceed with registering in courses. Completing 3 courses in 4 months is considered full-time studies to qualify for student financial aid. For self-funded students, completing 4 courses in 6 months is considered full-time studies. It is strongly recommended that you begin with the fewest number of courses possible. The fewer courses you take in the first term, the greater likelihood of success and greater probability of continuing your studies. If you find you have capacity for additional courses, you can add courses any month throughout the year.

If you answered no to more than one question above, please complete the following sections of this readiness assessment before proceeding. You may also wish to schedule an appointment with AU counselling services to discuss your career and education goal and further discuss if AU is the right fit for you and if now is the right time to enroll in full-time studies.

Readiness Assessment

Complete the on-line self-assessment to determine Am I Ready for AU

Distance Education

If now is the right time to further your education, learn more about distance education. Athabasca University is Flexible, Open, and Everywhere; learn more about How AU Works

Am I Ready for Studies In?

If you feel that AU is the right fit for you, then you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses in English, Math, Chemistry, and Computing Science in order to complete preparatory courses before enrolling at AU. Complete a self-assessment in these areas to identify current strengths and weaknesses. Get started now Am I ready for studies in . . .

Preparation Courses

If this is your first experience completing an on-line distance course, it is a good idea to begin with university preparatory courses which will assist you with becoming a successful on-line learner. Learn more about University Preparatory Courses.

Applying for Financial Aid

If you plan to apply for financial aid, please complete the following questions before starting your application. Education is a costly investment of time and money, to ensure you make the best use of both, the following questions will help you determine if now is the right time to enroll in full-time studies at Athabasca University. Timing and personal fit are important considerations to ensure adequate and sustainable academic performance. Your academic performance is reflected in your grade point average (GPA). If you plan to continue your studies or use your transcripts to apply for employment, your academic performance is important. If your academic performance is poor at Athabasca University, you may become frustrated and the outcome may not support your career or educational goals.

Financial Information