My Viva Plan®

If you're struggling with...

  • Getting restful sleep
  • Eating balanced
  • Managing your studies
  • Exercising regularly
  • Managing your stress
  • Managing your mood

Take control of your life starting with 1 - 2 minutes a day

What is My Viva Plan?

My Viva Plan is a digital wellness program created by health professionals. It takes their knowledge of clinically effective, evidence-based practices and translates that knowledge into an easy-to-use digital program tailored to the needs of each student as an individual.

How Does it Work?

Students enter certain information about their health and wellness behaviours and goals. This information is confidential and cannot be seen by anyone else. Using this information, the program generates a personalized My Viva Plan – a plan that supports students to take care of their physical and mental health in a proactive way. Using the program can improve students’ nutrition, fitness, stress levels and mental health while minimizing the time commitment needed from students.

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