Frequently Asked Questions (My Viva Plan)

What is My Viva Plan®?

My Viva Plan® is a digital wellness program built by healthcare professionals focusing on the three key pillars of self-care - mindset, nutrition and fitness. This program is available on all mobile devices including laptops, smart phones and tablets.

What are the advantages of My Viva Plan® for students?

My Viva Plan® offers individualized prevention and treatment to fit the unique health and wellness needs of each student. The program practical tools, including on-demand workouts and yoga practices, personalized meal plan, assessments for health & wellness, and many other digital resources to help support students’ academic success.

The pricing for students is as follows:

  • Pay Monthly - $15/month
  • Pay Yearly - $130/year

How is this different from Homewood Health?

Homewood Health provides 24/7 counselling, coaching and other services for students who are seeking help with a particular concern, such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

My Viva Plan® builds personalized plans for nutrition, fitness, and general well being. Based on a student’s needs, My Viva Plan® will generate customized programming and content to assist the user in achieving their goals.

Is the data students enter confidential?

Yes, My Viva Plan® abides by strict regulations to ensure user confidentiality and AU receives only aggregate data on # of users.

How does this support students at AU?

My Viva Plan® is integrated into the AU Mental Health Strategy to enhance student success and related outcomes. By connecting students back to institutional resources and services, My Viva Plan® acts as a community partner to engage students in AU’s current and future wellness offering.

How do students access My Viva Plan®?

AU students (and staff) can access the AU-specific My Viva Plan® at Once there, click the SIGN UP in the top right-hand corner of the webpage. You will then be prompted to pick your membership type, set-up your account and begin using My Viva Plan®!